The Photographer

Jennie Li, born 1992, Gotland

A passion for photography has existed before I even became a teenager as I started with taking photos with my phone. I’m one of many self-taught photographers and have been photographing mostly horses, dogs and nature, as these are the things I’ve had access to ever since I picked up that camera.

Besides photographing animals and nature I love to try and express different feelings in photos and to be creative with it, as well as play around with lighting, colors and so on to continue to learn and develop myself as a photographer. Something I discovered the past few years is a passion to photograph at concerts, festivals and other events after I got the opportunity to do just that, which also combines my interest in music and to capture these special moments and feelings on photo.

In the future I hope I will be able to continue to grow and develop as a photographer and make a living off of it, as well as to combine it with my interest in traveling the world and like that being able to capture more amazing photos across the globe, no matter if its animals, nature or at concerts!